All served with homemade chutney & crackers

Lincolnshire Poacher Double Barrel – Ulceby Grange 3.5

Unpasteurised cow’s milk cheese. Deep pungent pineapple notes with a savoury acidity.

Challerhocker – Toggenburg 3.5

Thermised semi hard cow’s milk cheese, it has a hazelnut aroma and gruyere texture. It is washed in wine and rubbed with spices.

Epoisses – Burgundy 3.5

Epoisses is a soft, pastuerised, pungent, cow’s milk cheese. Washed rind (washed in brine and brandy).

Sinodun Hill  –  Oxfordshire  3.5

Unpasteurised goats’ milk cheese. Mellow, tangy taste with faint citrus notes.

Beauvale – Nottingham 3.5

Pasteurised cows’ milk cheese. Beauvale is a soft, smooth blue cheese. 

This cheese is rich in flavour with savoury tones and a gentle hint of spiciness.

*Subject to change*