All served with homemade chutney & crackers

3 cheeses 10

5 cheeses 15

Quicke’s Clothbound Goat’s – Sussex

Pasteurised goats milk cheese using vegetarian rennet. Clothbound and matured for 6 months, this produces vibrant almond like notes.

Cornish Yarg – Cornwall

Pasteurised cow’s milk cheese using vegetarian rennet. A crumbly textured cheese wrapped in nettles with a citrusy tang.

Baronet – Wiltshire

Traditional rennet, pasteurised cow’s milk cheese. Jersey milk is used while the rind is brine washed and rubbed in the reblochon alpine style.

Wigmore ~ Berkshire

Thermised, Ewe’s milk cheese using vegetarian rennet. A sappy, fruity flavoured cheese with a sharp edge.

Blue Monday ~ Thirsk, Yorkshire

Pasteurised blue cows milk cheese, The flavours are faintly sweet, intensely savoury, spicy and rich in complex.

Sandeman Tawny Port, 10 year – 12

*Subject to change*