All served with homemade chutney & crackers

Black Bomber – Snowdonia 3.5

Award winning pasteurised cows milk cheese. A strong yet surprisingly mellow cheddar. Rich and creamy with a slight sweet taste of caramel.

Comte D’Estive – France 3.5

Traditional rennet unpasteurised cows milk cheese, a slight caramel sweetness smilier to gruyere. The 24 month ageing process produces an even more complex flavour profile.

Camembert Au Calvados – Normandy 3.5

Unpastuerised cows milk cheese covered in a fine biscuit crumb. Aged as a standard camembert then dipped in a calvados and cider mixture. Fruity with an apple brandy sweetness.

Brightwell Ash – Oxfordshire┬á 3.5

Unpasteurised goats milk cheese. Aged with ash, a subtle and delicate finish.

Colstan Bassett – Nottinghamshire 3.5

Pasteurised cows milk cheese. Rich and creamy with a subtle nutty flavour and crumbly texture.

*Subject to change*